25 Fun Pieces in 24 Keys

25 Fun Pieces in 24 Keys Volume 1 25 Fun Pieces in 24 Keys Volume 2 25 Fun Pieces in 24 Keys follows Snowman's Dream I and II in W. Brett Youens' works for the piano student. Through his years of experience as a composer and piano teacher - not to mention as a piano student! - Youeens has crafted pieces that will satisfy the teacher's need for good, sound pedagogical material, while at the same time satisfying the students' wish for good sounding pedagogical material! Without noticing it, students learn to play in all the keys, and master some of the most important technical aspects of playing the piano while they are at it. Youens' "original compositions are infused with fresh ideas" (Jack Rummel, Ragtime Music Reviews) and what's maybe even more important: fun!

18,- (Volume I)
18,- (Volume II)

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